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 We believe that the most effective education is one that trains young minds to think independently, make choices, and ask questions – necessary qualities for successful leadership and innovation.


The Stand Tall  School is  a no-fee primary school in Kampala, Uganda to educate children who cannot afford the expense associated with government-sponsored schools. We continue to fund the on-going operations and programs that sustain it. Our approach involves interaction between student and teacher rather than the traditional lecture and listen , and it includes a strong vocational and creative arts component.

The school is located on a one acre property in a low income area of Kampala; along with the academic curriculum, we include vocational and computer training with an emphasis on the visual and performing arts. Stand Tall Training Centre is a unique and innovative primary school that provides its students with an outstanding educational opportunity. The children range in age from 8 and up, and are placed within 4 levels. The student population consists primarily of children from financially disadvantaged backgrounds whose parents or guardians have not been able to raise the minimum funds required for them to attend public school. 70% of our students pay no fees of any kind and in return, we expect excellence and a high level of motivation from our participants. Each
child at Stand Tall receives a daily hot breakfast, snack and lunch.

Stand Tall has a dedicated computer room for skills and online training, a dedicated art & crafts room, a music, dance and drama program, and a vocational training program. Our children participate in all aspects of the school including animal rearing (we have chickens, goats, pigs and a cow), vegetable gardening, and a weekly classroom and grounds clean-up.



The classroom environment

Using active learning techniques, the children are expected to participate fully in the learning process. They work at tables in groups, and brainstorm problems and solutions together. They are encouraged to think independently and creatively. The teacher acts as facilitator and uses many techniques to stimulate the learning process – games, physical tasks, drama, art, debates, music, writing, and group work are all methods designed to make the learning process interesting and effective. All teachers at STTC are trained to teach in this manner and regularly scheduled training workshops in a variety of subjects ensure that the teaching staff remains up-to-date and well informed.


Our volunteers are an integral component of the success of Stand Tall. Volunteers from within Uganda and overseas have enhanced  our curriculum by bringing new skills, innovative workshops and up to date professional training to the school. They have gone home enriched by the experience of living in a foreign country, meeting new friends and benefiting from the cultural exchange that takes place. If you are interested in learning more about our volunteer program, please contact Honey Halpern at

The Sponsorship Program

our grads at Majorine Secondary SchoolFollowing the completion of primary 7, we offer two possible streams, each of which is supported through a scholarship fund. One is an academic stream in which students showing the ability and desire are sponsored through secondary school.

The other is a vocational stream.  Students are placed in a vocational school which offers a variety of apprenticeships.

Sponsors can either contribute to our general scholarship fund which then directs the money to qualified students (preferred) or they can choose to be paired with an individual child with whom they communicate and receive updates on a regular basis.

To learn more about the sponsorship program and how to sponsor a child, please contact Lorisa Schouela at A detailed online brochure is available upon request.


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General Enquiries:

Sponsorship Coordinator: Lorisa Schouela,

Volunteer Coordinator: Honey Halpern,

School Principal: Ssimbwa Kayondo,

President: Nicole Schouela,

Donations by check should be made out to Rose Charities with ‘for stand tall’ written on the memo line (bottom left), and mailed to Rose Charities 1870 Ogden Ave, Vancouver, BC, V6J 1A1, Canada 


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