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We support 3 projects in Vietnam.  An orphanage, a home for children and youth  suffering from HIV/AIDS and a Home for the Blind.


  • Support a Blind Centres near Hue in Central Vietnam by repairing their building including the leaky roof,  and providing a Laundromat Income Generation Program , Braille classes, and other materials.
  • Support 2 orphanages in  with medical visits, supplies and roof repairs. (Be Tho and Dieu Phap Temple)
  • Support an AIDS Hospice for orphans with AIDS who are ostracized in Vietnam

Why these programs are needed

The Blind Center provides training and support, food and shelter for approx 35 blind and partially sighted men and women from  rural communities near Hue. The Centre provides an opportunity for the rural blind to learn skills and earn a small living. Otherwise they would be dependent on their families. The Centres work on a tiny budget, supplementing their income by making and selling joss-sticks and toothpicks. Providing washing machines to this centre enables them to prepare, package and sell wet serviettes to the restaurant industry. This has increased their income and helped them reach self-sufficiency.

Children with HIV in Vietnam are stigmatized and ostracized, banned from school and without hope for the future. the AIDS orphanage provides food, shelter, schooling and a community for these young people. Rose Charities has provided funds for chickens and a vegetable garden and pays their electricity bills.

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