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Hillman Fund

The Hillman Medical Education Fund

What We Do

The Hillman Medical Education Fund of Rose Charities was founded by Prof. Elizabeth Hillman to support health education and to foster future leaders in medicine, particularly in East Africa. All our projects are developed and led by local researchers and project leaders. Their local knowledge of needs and resources and their skills have created small projects with very big impacts on tiny budgets


MumsPrograms Funded in 2017 and 2016

Safe Motherhood in Afghan Refugee Camps in Kabul.

Most first-time mothers in these camps are young teenage girls 12-16 years old. They give birth in the family tent assisted by untrained family members. There is little knowledge of hygiene or safe birthing. These girls have one of the highest maternal mortality rates in the world.  Working with our partner,  Tabish, we have funded 2 local midwives to work in 3 camps and try and make a difference. These midwives have worked miracles,providing pre and post natal classes, providing kits and teaching hygiene, attending all deliveries, referring complex cases to hospital, supporting breast-feeding, birth-spacing and family planning, treating infections. Since they began every  baby was safely delivered with a dramatic reduction in infections. There is a significant increase in local knowledge.  In 2017 we were awarded a $100,000 grant from a major funding agency to promote family planning in the camps. The program will collaborate with the local Imams to form mens groups to discuss the advantages and Islamic acceptance of family planning

Treating Malaria in Schools in Uganda

Imagine going to school with no malaria; no blinding headaches, fever, nausea and fatigue, no days missed from school, instead of the usual 2 weeks at home sick and debilitated.  This is what we have achieved in 4 primary schools in the heart of Uganda’s Malaria region. In the past between 10% -20% of children are absent from these school at any given time. Some of these children died others were  permanently affected and all suffered.  Now, however, thanks to the use of simple well-tested kits the children are diagnosed and treated immediately- and usually miss only a day of school.  The simple solution has been to train the teachers to identify children with early symptoms, test them for malaria and treat those who tested positive. We have coupled this with a malaria awareness program embraced by the whole community with a resultant drop in transmission.

Training in Cambodia

Physiotherapy in Cambodia is gradually becoming better understood and more widely practiced. In a country with high accident rates there is a great need for rehabilitative therapy.  The Hillman Fund supports the Cambodian Physical Therapy Assoc in 3 training sessions per year to upgrade professional skills of Physiotherapists

Hillman Scholars and Leadership Awards

The Hillman Fund supports  university scholarships for outstanding students, who have demonstrated leadership potential in their field.  Our first  scholar, Dr Vicent Okuuny, has graduated with a  Masters degree in Family medicine in Makerere and has taken over the the position of head Physician at the  rural Family medicine teaching facility next year. The other is a young nursing student who came top of her class in her first year and is well on her way to completing year 2 of  her training.  We  supply funding for 3  Ugandan researchers to attend the annual East African Family Medicine Conference. We award Hillman Prizes to Medical and Paediatric Students in Kenya.  We fund  the health research projects of past and present Hillman Scholars. Projects  including a Child Malnutrition Study and Training  in Rural Uganda,  and  An Ebola Preparedness Training and Study Program around Kampala.

Past Programs

Often the role of the Hillman Fund is to provide the first funding for newly emerging leaders and projects which lack the experience and track record  to apply successfully for larger grants. On occasions our Canadian volunteers assist in grant proposal writing to help these projects move ahead. we are happy to report that several wonderful small projects have flown away from us into greater and bigger success.   Here are a few that no longer need us.

Frontier Primary Healthcare was supported by HMEF for several years. We provided flood relief and funds for safe motherhood programs. They are now fully funded and doing important work with refugees in the Pakistan/Afghan Borders

 ETAT+ Training program in Kenya which provides skills to physicians in Emergency Triage and Treatment was funded initially by HMEF but is now fully funded and expanded into Uganda


If you share the vision of Don and Liz Hillman please support the work of the Hillman Medical Education Fund with a donation. We are all volunteers so that your donation will be spent directly on the projects in Africa or Pakistan and not be wasted on overheads.