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Haiti Children&Youth

HaitiChildrenAndYouth2Haiti Children and Youth Project

This project provides educational and sports programs for children and youth in Miragoane, Haiti. The area of Miragoane is one of the poorer regions in Haiti and is located in the southwest of the country along the northern coast line. Many of the children and teenagers in Miragoane became orphans after the devastating 2010 earthquake in Haiti. The recent hurricane in Haiti destroyed or damaged nearly every house in Miragoane. Most gardens were washed away and livestock killed. The community , once again, is having to rebuild. Through our network of volunteers we were able to bring emergency food aid within 2 days of the disaster. We have provided the school children with new school supplies and are helping the most vulnerable to re build their homes.

Who we are:

A small group of Rose Charities volunteers  in Canada who work closely with a Haitian project committee in Miragoane.  The Haitian committee members, also volunteers, represent the organization ‘Espoir Avec Christ’ / ‘Hope with Christ’, a registered non-government organization in Haiti. This organization has a Christian foundation and welcomes participants of any faith to attend it’s programs.
The Canadian group is led by Jean Lubin, the Haitian-Canadian who founded the project.  They raise funds and receive donated sports or other equipment for the project activities.  Jean Lubin and the Haitian committee plan, organize, and coordinate the project activities with the help of many community volunteers and other community partners in Miragoane.  The Haitian committee also coordinate ongoing activities year round, for example a weekly meeting with youth and a monthly “Kids Club”.

What we do:

Soccer Camp:  Held every August for children and youth in five communities in Miragoane.  The camp activities include not only soccer for both boys and girls but skipping rope for girls, arts and crafts, singing, stories, skits, health education, and training on how to be environmentally responsible.  Daily nutritious snacks and some complete, healthy meals are provided for all participants. $50 will send a child to soccer camp.

Youth Retreat:  Orphaned youth are invited to attend this annual retreat during Haiti’s country wide “Carnaval”, a musical festival like Mardi Gras, held every February-March.  The retreat is a safer and  more educational alternative to joining “Carnaval” festivities. The youth enjoy sports, education (health, cultural, responsibilities as citizens, caring for the environment), skits and games, singing.    $150 enables one youth to attend the next retreat.

Goats for Orphans:  We provide donated female goats to orphans in Miragoane to raise (there is no shortage of male goats in the community for breeding!).  By selling the goat’s offspring, the orphans earn income to pay for their education.  The orphans who receive a donated goat are requested to give one of their goat’s female kids back to the project so this goat can be given to another orphan.  Several orphans have received a donated goat but there are many more who could benefit from this project activity. $100 provides an orphan a goat.

Bursaries for Orphans:  We raise funds to help orphans in Miragoane continue their elementary and secondary education.  In Haiti, students at both public and private schools pay annual school fees along with the cost of their school uniform and their school supplies.  Some orphans are currently in school but may have to drop out if they can not finish paying their school fees.  Others can not afford the fees so have had to put their education on hold. $50 enables an orphan to continue their education and $300 covers the cost for a full school year.

Agriculture:  We provide donated seeds (corn, beans, millet, and rice) to farmers in the five project communities to plant.  Participants feed their families with the harvest and also sell some in the market. They save seeds from each crop to plant the next season and to give a quarter measure of the seeds they received back to the project with the goal of this project activity becoming self-sustaining. $25 provides one package of seeds to a farmer and their family.

Future Plans:

Support the education of children and youth, from vulnerable single parent families or families where one parent is disabled or ill families, by providing donated goats and /or bursaries.
The Haitian project committee and members of their local communities see the benefit of having a school ‘closer to home’ so their children do not have to travel as far to school.  They hope that building a school, and running it, may be possible in the future.

Our Story:

HaitiHealthCareBlogJean Lubin, a Haitian-Canadian who was born and raised in Haiti, began this project in 2012 after his first trip back to Haiti following the 2010 earthquake.  During this trip, Jean visited Miragoane for the first time.  He was surprised by the poverty in some areas of Miragoane and to see many kids hanging out in the streets.  Jean learned that many of these children and youth were orphans who returned to Miragoane from Port au Prince to live with family or friends after the earthquake.  Motivated to do something to help, Jean developed a friendship and partnership with a few young men and women in Miragoane who are passionate about helping their community.  This led to planning a soccer camp for children and youth in Miragoane in August 2012 (Haitians LOVE soccer!), the formation of a committee of seven dedicated leaders, and the establishment of the organization ‘Espoir Avec Christ’ / ‘Hope with Christ’.
The first soccer camp was a huge success.  Since then, the soccer camp has continued annually and the other project activities were started.
With the help of enthusiastic supporters, Jean and his wife raise funds in Canada as well as receive donations of soccer and other equipment. Jean works closely with the Haitian project committee to plan and organize all project activities.

How you can help:

HaitiChildrenDonate3If interested in this project, please consider helping out in one or more of the following ways.

We promise to use your donation in the most effective way possible.

Donate financially:  Even a small donation can make a difference.  Since the project is volunteer run, we are able to keep overhead costs minimal so that your donation will go directly to assist with the activities run by leaders in Haiti.  If the total amount received for a particular activity exceeds funding needs for that sub-project, your donation will provide assistance where it is needed most to address a similar need.

Donate equipment:  soccer uniforms or equipment, skipping ropes, other.

Donate your time:    tell others about this project, organize a fund raising event, contact us to volunteer your time and skill. .

Contact us:       Jean Lubin –
                         Terri Lubin –

Thank you
for supporting the community of Miragoane, particularly the children and youth who will be
the next generation of leaders in this community or elsewhere in Haiti!