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Rose Madagascar

In 2005 a group of UBC students visiting Madagascar  met an inspiring  young Malagasy man, Bina,  who dreamed of building a school in his remote village.  By working together in 2007  they built and opened the Mahastara School with just 43 pupils and a single classroom .  To-day the school has grown into an important community education centre with over 300  hundred students.

Who we are:

Rose Madagascar is a small, volunteer-run group that is committed to improving access to education in rural Madagascar. While our Canadian team is based in Western Canada, the heart and soul of our work lies in the hands of our Malagasy partners who work tirelessly to improve the quality of life in rural Madagascar.

Our story:

In 2005, while working at a centre for abandoned children in Madagascar, a group of UBC Students  met a young, passionate Malagasy man by the name of Bina Andriamanjato. Bina grew-up in a small, rural village called Tsarahonenana about 350 kilometers off the beaten path. Having just finished law school, Bina had a unique understanding of the importance of education and was committed to improving access to education in his village. In consultation with community members, Bina devised a 10 year vision for improving the quality of life in his community and we were eager to be a part of his vision.

The students returned to Vancouver, Canada in 2006 to seek funding for the project. After soliciting anyone who would speak with them, the Mahastara School opened in September 2007 with an eager 43 students. Mahastara School has since grown into a full fledged community rural education initiative and we now have over 300 children who attend the school on a regular basis.

In 2008, support of this school became a project of Rose Charities Canada and the original  Canadian team that started the project now volunteer with Rose Charities and continue to fund-raise  and monitor the progress of the school

To learn more about the programs and to see more photos: Click Here.

Our objectives:

  • to reach out to individuals and communities facing adversity;
  • to empower individuals and communities to improve their quality of life from within;
  • to provide children and adults with access to academic and vocational training;
  • to encourage sustainable and holistic development through programs that consider the environment, health, education, and social well-being of communities as fundamental principles guiding development.

How you can help:

Lend a helping hand

As an entirely volunteer-run group, we welcome any help that we can get. Whether you are interested in helping with fundraising efforts, event planning, spreading the word, or have any other skill that you think we could benefit from, we would love to hear from you. You can reach us at

Make a donation

We pride ourselves on keeping overhead costs at next to nothing and are committed to making sure that every cent possible makes its way to Madagascar.

Even a small donation can make a difference: with little overhead costs, your donation will go where it is needed most and not be wasted on administration.

You can make a donation online either directly through our site or through Canada Helps by clicking here. Please select “Rose Madagascar” from the drop-down menu. If you would like to donate through cheque or another way, please visit our donate page and it will give you more information. Thank-you for your support!

Send us your creative ideas and feedback

We value any input that you can give us, whether it is fundraising ideas, ways to improve what we do or feedback on our project. Please feel free to send us an email at

Thank-you for your support of our project! Together we can improve education and enhance the quality of life in rural Madagascar.