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AMDA and Rose Charities

AMDA and Rose Charities have a history of close cooperation. AMDA is one of the world’s major emergency relief organizations, having carried out over 100 missions across the globe. The AMDA Canada chapter works closely with Rose Charities Canada to  pool emergency-relief resources and gather materials for emergency relief.

Missions where AMDA Canada/Rose Charities personnel have cooperated include:

2004 Asian tsunami (both Aceh and Sri Lanka),

Indonesia (earthquake and volcano),

USA (Hurricane Katrina),




2011 Tohoku Japan tsunami,

Rose Charities and AMDA Canada cooperated to raise over $Can 100,000 for AMDA relief efforts. In 2010, resources were also raised by Rose Charities/AMDA Canada to assist with international missions to Myanmar (typhoon) and Sichuan (earthquake).


Both AMDA and Rose Charities were founded from initiatives in Cambodia. One of the originators of Rose Charities was an AMDA member, working initially on an AMDA project to provide health facilities for returning refugees and later returning to found AMDA Cambodia (1992), then Project IRIS (1995) and finally Rose Charities (1997).


AMDA shares with Rose Charities the similar philosophy of mutual assistance. Help invariably goes in both directions, with both the recipient and the giver gaining equally. AMDA defines this as ‘Sogo Fujo spirit’ which is a Japanese term that affirms the universality of the concept of people assisting people bringing benefit (material and/or spiritual) and fulfillment of all parties.

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