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Uno a Uno is a not-for-profit foundation in Cotacachi, Ecuador (we are in the process of registering our foundation), and is a project of Rose Charities Canada with the goal to serve Cotacachi and its surrounding communities by providing free English classes to children and adults, free tutoring services to children, and affordable conversational Spanish classes to expats.


Our Mission Statement is as follows:

 “Through the provision of free English classes, free tutoring services and other educational initiatives tailored to the Cotacachi community´s needs, Uno a Uno Cotacachi aims to partner North American expats with the residents of Cotacachi and its surrounding communities to facilitate greater communication and unity between all groups, and to create more income-earning opportunities for Cotacachi and its surrounding communities in order to reduce poverty in the area.”



  •  Daily 1.5 hour FREE English classes for children and youth ages 9 to 15 (Monday to Friday 9-10:30am and 3-4:30pm);
  • Daily FREE open tutoring sessions for school-aged children and youth (Monday to Friday 9-11am and 3-5pm);
  • Daily 1.5 hour FREE English classes for adults (Monday to Friday from 7-8:30pm); and
  • Daily 1.5 hour affordable conversational Spanish classes for the expats in the afternoon (Monday to Friday from 3-4:30pm).

Indigenous children in the Good Friday procession 20150403_112115

We anticipate renting a location in central, urban Cotacachi that will accommodate 4 classrooms.  We estimate that we can offer English classes to 40 youth, 25 children and 25 adults every day (with an average class size of 12-13 students). Based on having 2 sets of alternating classes per week, and having 3 cycles of classes per year, we anticipate teaching English to 540 students per year.  In addition, we estimate that we can offer tutoring in mathematics and Spanish to 20 children and 20 youth every day (with an average of 10 students/ teacher). Assuming children and youth come to tutoring sessions once a week, we anticipate reaching out to 200 students per week.


Spanish will be taught in a conversational and practical manner to the expats at a cost of $5/class or $40/month for unlimited classes, with focus on learning vocabulary, expressions, and basic grammar to help the expats communicate with their community and otherwise navigate everyday life, including obtaining services in Spanish.  Themes that will be taught include:  going to the market, going to the doctor, hiring a repairman, or asking for directions.


We plan on commencing classes in September 2015, with the class cycles to be from September to November; January to March; and April to June.  We anticipate either closing for the summer months of July and August or offering a special summer program for these months.

Laguna Cuicocha    Cotacachi Mountain


  • We have a budget of $35,000 USD per year to run an English program for 540 students yearly, and a tutoring program for 200 children and youth weekly. We have a $10,000 USD budget for setup costs.  We need to fundraise for all of these funds to run our project and need your help!
  • Rose Charities Canada will issue Canadian tax receipts for all donations above $20. Please click here to donate online. select drop-down menu for “Uno a Uno – Ecuador”
  • American tax receipts may be available from Rose Charities USA for large donations. Please contact us to inquire if interested.


  • We need volunteers to teach English to the children, youth and adults. Possible volunteer assignments could be Mon/Wed/Fri from 9am to 10:30am, or Tues/Thur from 9am to 10:30am.  Afternoon placements from 3-4:30pm or evening placements from 7-8:30pm are also available.  We request that volunteers sign up for 3-month terms, according to our class schedules.  Extensive training will be provided before volunteers begin their teaching terms.
  • If you are wanting to volunteer from abroad, we are looking for volunteers over the age of 19 to volunteer during our 3 month cycles (i.e. September to November; January to March; April to June).  We can assist with organizing homestays and Spanish lessons for volunteers hoping to have an intercultural experience while volunteering with Uno a Uno!



Candace & Pierre in San Gerardo de Rivas

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions at all!

Pierre Etienne Banville & Candace Cho Banville


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