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Number of people directly impacted 9704


2 schools fully supported 187 children

6 schools partially supported 800 children

Number impacted directly 3759

Grand Total impacted directly 13,463

Estimated indirect impact x 4 = 53,850

Total funds spent in 2015 = $425,434

We don’t have an office. We have no staff. We pay our own airfares. We meet in coffee shops and work on our laptops. We have a lot of fun. We send your donations to our partners overseas. In many cases they don’t have an office either. And certainly no company car. Some, like the teachers, have a small local salary, most are volunteers like us, except a laptop and a coffee shop are rare luxuries.

They are the heroes. They rebuild broken communities, care for orphans, teach children, grow gardens, care for the sick, spread loving kindness.

And you are the kind people who make all this possible.