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Rose Charities Canada is run by volunteers and we are always looking for new people to join us. If you would like to get involved please contact:

Volunteer Opportunities

Scholarship Program Coordinator

This volunteer position requires a commitment for 1 year and approx 1-2 hours per week at home computer plus approx 4 meetings a year. This volunteer will be responsible for keeping records of the university students in Sri Lanka who have been awarded university scholarships and matching them to Canadian sponsors. You will also work with a team to write a simple news sheet about the students and send it to the sponsors.

Medical Student Elective Coordinator

This positiom requires a commitment of 4 hours a month (approx). Every year medical students apply to Rose Charities Cambodia to visit the clinics there for elective visits. The clinics are now overwhelmed with too many students turning up. We need a coordinator who can email students and schedule when they can attend the clinics and pass on relevant information to them.

Fund-Raising Committee

We are looking for people to join our fundraising committee to help brain-storm and organize fundraising events. In the past we have organized fashion shows, silent auctions, Christmas card sales and speaking tours.

Micro-credit Committee

If you have a special interest in micro-credit join our group to foster our micro-credit program in Sri Lanka and begin new micro-credit programs elsewhere.

Proposal Writing

We are always looking for project proposal writers or people who can put together a good news story.

Medical Student Electives

There are some opportunities for medical students to visit the clinics in Cambodia for electives. These are run through Rose Charities Cambodia and details can be accessed through the Rose Charities Cambodia site.

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